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Robotic Orthopaedic Institute welcomes Veterans with VAMC and TriWest Coverage. 

How to schedule an appointment with Robotic Orthopaedic Institute in St George, Utah

We must have an approved referral/ authorization from either a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center (VAMC), or TriWest, before an appointment can be made. Except for urgent not have an or emergent care, we are not permitted to grant appointments without a referral/ authorization. 

Under CCN, there are multiple pathways for an appointment: 

  1. direct from a VAMC
  2. coordinated by TriWest, or 
  3. you may self generate one online or by phone through the VA or TriWest.

Direct from a VAMC

  • If the VAMC approves your request for service (RFS), they contact Robotic Orthopaedic Institute directly on your behalf. they make the appointment for you and send the approved referral/authorization letter to our office via fax. 
  • VAMC then sends the appointment information to TriWest. 
  • TriWest’s system associates services with an approved referral/authorization number and pays your claim.

Coordinated by TriWest

  • Veteran’s VAMC approves care and delegates the appointment process to TriWest
  • TriWest contacts Robotic Orthopaedic Institute on your behalf and sends the referral/authorization to the provider.
  • TriWest’s systems associates services with an approved referral/authorization number and pays the claim for approved services.

Veteran Self-Appointing

  1. Both the VAMC and TriWest offer self-appointing options for you. You may self-appoint when you have an approved referral/authorization number except at the Emergency Room (ER). If there’s no authorization on file or if it has expired (usually they last 6 months) you risk our not being paid for our services. 
  2. If you don’t self-appoint within 90-days after the approved referral/authorization, the approved referral/authorization may be cancelled and returned to the VA. 
  3. You may also self-appoint through the Veteran self-service website or phone app. 

If you require additional care beyond what was authorized, we will submit a Request for Service (RFS) directly to VA, preferably through VA’s secure, web-based system, HealthShare Referral Manager (HSRM).  We have the forms and are ready to do whatever it takes to get you what you need. That may require us to stay late, come in early, move our schedule around, wait on hold for hours, or it may go smoothly and be processed right away. We never know so please help us plan ahead and be patient. We are here to serve you…whatever it takes.

No provider may charge a Veteran for not keeping a scheduled appointment. But we always appreciate advance notice if you cannot keep your appointment as there is a waiting list and others may be able to take your spot if you need to reschedule.

When scheduling appointments, these are the standards to which we must abide: 

  • within 24 hours for an emergent need (usually emergent means you need to be in the ER)
  • within 48 hours for urgent health issues, and
  • within 30 days for specialty care appointments.
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