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About Gregory J Hicken, MD

Robotic Orthopaedic Institute Surgeon Dr Gregory J Hicken
Gregory J Hicken, MD FAAOS
Mayo Clinic Fellowship-trained
Robotic Joint-Replacement Authority
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Gregory J Hicken, MD FAAOS is a board-certified, Mayo Clinic-fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon with extensive experience in general orthopaedics, sports medicine, performing arts medicine, and robotic hip and knee joint replacement surgery.

He served 16 years with the USAF on active duty, and retired with the rank of Major. He began practicing in Utah in 1994, in Logan and expanded to Southern Utah location in 2016. He maintains a home in Logan and in Washington.

Dr Hicken is certified and experienced on all FDA-approved robotic technologies, but in Southern Utah, he uses the NAVIO and CORI robots, and FDA approved total and partial knee and total hip implants rated for a 30-year service life.

Dr Hicken also offers general orthopaedic care, fracture care, general musculoskeletal surgery, and treats athletes and performing artists. 

These days, joint replacement surgeries are considered outpatient, same-day surgery, meaning the patient is able to safely return home after surgery and recuperate with their family. 

For most patients, robotic–assisted joint replacement surgery can be safely performed in a free-standing, ambulatory surgery center.

Dr Hicken performs surgery at the St George Surgical Center where the only Smith + Nephew robotic-assisted NAVIO and CORI robots are available in the state of Utah.

If the patient has other medical conditions that make an inpatient stay medically necessary, Dr Hicken maintains privileges at Mesa View Regional Hospital, in Mesquite, Nevada and the robot is transferred to Mesquite.

Dr Hicken serves his community through various activities, church leadership, and clinical research trials. He served 5 years as a singer in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and currently sings with the American Festival Chorus in Logan. When in St George, he and his wife avidly support musical theater and concert outlets.

Empathetic to sports and athletic enthusiasts of all levels, Dr Hicken is an avid mountain biking enthusiast, a Telemark skier, he plays singles tennis and had his own knee replaced in 2012. 

Dr Hicken also manages a non-profit organization that assists underprivileged children with school athletics participation fees.

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