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Robotic Orthopaedic Institute’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine

The first and only clinic and performing arts laboratory of its kind within a 5-state radius, located about 90 minutes north of Las Vegas nestled among the crimson rockscapes and lava flows of Southern Utah. 

Center for Performing Arts Medicine

ROBOTIC ORTHOPAEDIC INSTITUTE'S CENTER FOR PERFORMING ARTS MEDICINE is the first and only performing arts medical clinic of its kind in the Southwestern USA.

Our clinic is equipped with musical instruments so that you can reproduce what’s causing your musculoskeletal and arthritic challenges while performing. We are staffed by a musically-gifted orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, and physical therapists at the same location.

But first, a little back story: 

The Center was founded this year because this specialized clinic provides the medical attention, support, knowledge, and expertise that is required for novices, those who love playing, singing and dancing for leisure, and for professional performers alike. 

Our research indicates that there is no other such clinic within a five-state radius for performing artists, dancers, vocalists, musicians, speakers, and other performing artists. You demand outputs from your bodies in ways that the average person does not. As such, your medical needs are also distinctly different from the needs of the average patient. “Within normal limits” functionality just isn’t enough. And neither is having your ability to perform curtailed by opioid medications that slow you down. That’s why we employ “multi-modal” low opioid pain medication regimens that get you back to the stage as soon as possible.

70% of musicians, dancers, vocalists, and other performers perform even when they are unwell.

We know from experience as fellow performers, that the typical 3-7 minute doctor’s appointment in a traditional exam room setting doesn’t give you sufficient time to explain to your clinician what’s wrong, when and how you experience pain and limitation while performing. We also know that statistically, 70% of musicians, dancers, vocalists, speakers and others are oriented to the mantra that the “show must go on!” so they perform even when they are unwell. That’s not fun. 

Care collaboration with other specialists

We began by serving the musculoskeletal needs of musicians and dancers, and then quickly realized the need to align with other specialists with personal understanding, empathy and expertise in performing artist conditions. Most physicians and practitioners we collaborate with are also performers. They offer medical and surgical consultations, surgery, and rehabilitation. We work closely with specialists in hearing, vision, nose and throat, allergies, pain management, arthritis, strains, sprains, tendon and ligament problems, rotator cuff, elbow and wrist pain, foot and ankle, neck and back pain, robotic joint replacement for osteoarthritis of the knee, hip and shoulder, and more.  We continue to evolve to serve performance artists with the care they need to be productive and earn a living as professionals or to just rekindle the pleasure of performing for their own enjoyment.  

We know that many of you play instruments, dance, do gymnastics, or have family member who plays, dances or performs in some way who many not be aware that our unique clinic and performance lab exists.

And, no matter where you’ve treated before, you are welcome here. Simply bring or send us your medical records so we don’t duplicate what’s already been tested, diagnosed, imaged. We don’t want to drive up your medical costs with unnecessary duplication or waste precious time getting to a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Services include in-person and remote telehealth care options

We offer in-person and telehealth care, and even telehealth physical therapy and rehabilitation management. And, we’ve partnered with the long-established, accredited, St George Surgical Center known for its more than 450 bundled-price surgery procedures across 14 different specialties. They offer cash pay bundled price discounts, that include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fees, facility fees, an overnight stay if medically necessary, your take home medications, and any implants, grafts, hardware or prosthetics. They have one of the lowest infection rates in the nation among hospitals and same-day outpatient surgery centers and have a 99.7% patient satisfaction score. 

Full medical travel planning

St George Surgical Center also offers patients a fully-developed end-to-end medical travel program, and even parking for your band bus and hotel accommodation within walking distance. Need to fly in? No problem!  The clinic and the surgery center will coordinate every aspect of your travel for your visit, consultation, and even primary care management from an internal medicine concierge physician who has the time and expertise to listen and coordinate diagnosis and treatment.

What’s more, our Concierge Aesthetics and Wellness clinic, onsite, offers non-surgical, warm-laser body sculpting, wellness and nutrition consultation, spot toning coaching, and more. And if your needs include plastic surgery, we’ve coordinated with a plastic surgeon who can help.

Continuous quality improvement and patient-reported outcomes monitoring

The Center for Performing Arts Medicine takes your recovery seriously. To that end, we’ve implemented a special software, the only such software in the region to track and improve your clinical and performance outcomes over the course of your treatment over time.

Insurance and payment

What’s more, we accept more than 1800 insurance plans from local, regional, national and even international insurers. We also discount our fees and offer credit options if you are uninsured. And the St George Surgical Center is contract with Screen Actor’s Guild and other performers’ union health and welfare benefit programs.

Get in touch

Here at the Center for Performing Arts Medicine at Robotic Orthopaedic Institute, we love supporting fellow performers and the joy and service they bring to others with their craft. Give us a call or visit us online to learn more.  Call 435-523-3378 or explore our website to experience the difference we offer online, in person, or via telehealth. Most of our clinicians and support team members are performers and have empathy and understanding for your situation. We make time to listen. And we get you in for a consultation within days; not months.

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