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Cash Pay Pricing for Orthopaedic Surgery in St George, Utah

In partnership with the St George Surgical Center, a nationally-accredited, Medicare-certified, outpatient surgery center serving St George, Utah, Mesquite, NV and neighboring states of Idaho, Wyoming, California, Colorado New Mexico, and Arizona, Robotic Orthopaedic Institute offers bundled, transparent, fully-inclusive pricing for hundreds of outpatient surgery procedures of the musculoskeletal (MSK) system (bones, joints, muscles and some nerves.)  You’ll find the prices here. so, if you find the procedure you require, call us to start the process.

If you reside a long distance from St George, please know that telehealth is available for your initial consultation with our surgeons and clinical staff. We can send  orders for x-rays or MRIs to your local provider if you haven’t already had them, or if they are older than 4-6 months.  If you fell or otherwise injured yourself since your last x-rays or last MRI, we may ask you to obtain new images  so that the doctor can assess your condition and make recommendations for what we can offer you in terms of treatment. When it’s time, we’ll also coordinate all your travel to St George, whether by car or by air. We can coordinate your nursing and physical therapy services after surgery, hotel, and transfers to and from appointments, if needed.

The prices quoted in the button above are available only at St George Surgical Center and payable directly to the Surgery Center in full, in advance of your procedure(s). From your payment, they settle your account for the initial consultation, your surgery and one post-operative visit to remove your sutures and check your surgical incision for expected wound healing. 

ROI will bill you for additional visits and services that fall outside the package.

  • Surgeon fee for initial consultation, surgery, and one post-operative visit
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Facility fee
  • Implants and hardware
  • Drugs used during surgery 
  • Take home medications
  • An overnight stay, if required

PLEASE NOTE: Cash prices are not available to patients who do not pay in full prior to surgery.  The cash pay program includes a receipt for the amount paid. We will not bill your insurance for these package prices before or after your surgery, under any circumstances, without a contract  in place and written prior authorization received.

Other Related Charges

Home health care: If you require home nursing assistance or home physical therapy in St George, after your procedure, we have arrangements for cash pay patients to arrange the care you need. Visits tend to hover around the $125 per visit price range.

Hotel health care: If you require hotel care, an attendant for overnight care or assistance at the hotel or other support, such as kennel care for your pet, we have all these arrangements as well.

Hotel Accommodation: Each hotel has been carefully chosen and inspected for cleanliness, location, and handicap access for mobility challenged patients who just had surgery.  If we book your hotel, with your express permission, we will inform the hotel manager and reception staff that you are our patient so that if you have a problem after hours, they know whom to call to get help by direct access cell phone. If you are having surgery with us, we ask that you avoid booking residential vacation rental properties that we have not inspected and that have no after hours staff present. If you book these properties, we won’t know if the properties are suitable for an orthopaedic patient who just had surgery, if they have grab bars in the bathrooms, higher toilets, stairs, small area rugs that could present a fall risk, and we may find it challenging to get you the immediate assistance you would have in a hotel, if you need it.

Transportation: If you live out of our immediate area, you’ll have options to travel to our location. 

  • Driving to us: If you plan to drive, we’ll assist you with travel routings that take into consideration proximity to gas, good, lodging and medical care along the way.
  • Flying to us: If you plan to fly to St George or Las Vegas (112 miles away), we can arrange shuttle transfer or private car transfer from “wheels down to wheels up.”
  • No cost air transportation: We also work with AngelFlight West, a charitable, non-profit association of volunteer pilots who transport patients and their companions within a 900-mile radius to get the medical care they deserve. Flights are generally for patients and their traveling companion to and from medical treatment. Patients with any medical condition who are able to walk (ambulatory), medically stable, and can fly in a non-pressurized aircraft are accepted unless that condition would make flying a health risk. Others for whom this service is intended are those who can’t afford airline tickets, or for whom travel by land or by commercial airline would pose a physical hardship. This includes sitting for extended periods of time in a car with a knee or hip problem where long periods of sitting with a bent knee or hip is simply too painful to endure. Other situations include passengers with compromised immune systems or who live in remote areas without access to commercial flights and airports. With 10-15 days advance notice, they may be able to arrange flights and ground transfers through Earth Angels to get you to your consultation with Robotic Orthopaedic Institute and surgery at St George Surgical Center, and return. We coordinate the entire process through our office.  Our administrator is an officially-appointed coordinator of flights for AngelFlight West. Please don’t be shy to ask more about this wonderful service, available to anyone with a medical need.

Financing: St George Surgical Center and Robotic Orthopaedic Institute both participate with Smart Health Pay Card, which offers our patients a revolving line of credit up to $30,000, and is provided to you as a virtual Master Card®, that is accepted anywhere where MasterCard® is accepted and immediately available and emailed to you within minutes of approval. 

There are no surprise “balloon payments” or surprise interest increases, like you might experience with some term loans or other healthcare credit financing options. Their annual percentage rate (APR) does not exceed 18% for any applicant. Also no pre-authorizations or pre-approvals are needed to receive medical care or surgery.

You may use this card to pay for prescriptions, surgical procedures, deductibles and copays, preventative care, emergencies, dental care, mental health, hearing, vision, and even cosmetic surgery procedures. By leaving the financial risk with finance experts and focusing on your medical care, Robotic Orthopaedic Institute and St George Surgical Center can offer you and your family some of the most competitive, bundled package, transparently priced surgical pricing in the nation for orthopaedic surgery offered by a U.S. Board-certified, Mayo Clinic Fellowship trained surgeon.

After-care:  Many patients ask about follow up expenses that they may require after surgery. The actual costs vary by the situation, but here are some examples:

  • Telehealth: We can arrange for you to travel back to your hometown as soon as possible and have your stitches removed and your wound checked after surgery. Naturally, if you live locally, you’ll likely come back to our clinic for follow-up care. Office visits by telehealth or in person after the first visit that was included in the package, are charged at $100 or less. You’ll have at least three in the 90-day period following your surgery. Our office is equipped with at telehealth platform and we are able to set up remote patient monitoring if you live far away and cannot find a physical therapist locally. Credit cards are accepted for payment. Joint replacement patients must expect that they will also have x-rays and a follow up visit on their one year anniversary. 
  • Physical Therapy: In the USA, by law, the surgeon who performed your surgery is not permitted to offer you physical therapy services. Therefore, we have made arrangements with an independent physical therapist who is permitted to manage your course of rehabilitation according to the prescription from the surgeon or physician assistant. These visits are often 2-3 times per week and range from $75 to $125 per visit. Again, credit cards are accepted. You are free to choose any qualified physical therapy clinic and negotiate your own cash prices. 
  • Wound care: You may find that you would benefit from a home health nurse to check your wound, dressing, surgical site, and tend to dressing changes and other skilled nursing services. These daily visits tend to run about $125 per day and you can arrange to have as little or as much care as you believe is necessary. Approved home nursing services and home physical therapists  with whom we work, will also travel to your hotel for as long as you require their support.
  •  X-rays: For patients who have had fracture care, or joint replacement surgery, x-rays are part of the monitoring process at the 6 week point after surgery and again at the one-year point. These tend to cost about $75 to $100 each time the series of three x-rays are taken. You can have these services locally, wherever you live and they will send the images to us across the Internet.
  • Casts, braces, crutches, walkers,  dressing and wound care supplies, etc.: These Items can be provided by our clinic or can be purchased locally in your hometown. Check online and at thrift stores, second-hand stores, and other outlets before paying full, retail prices. You may also be able to borrow crutches or walkers or wheelchairs from a friend. If you plan to use the Smart Health Pay Card, the card is encoded to allow medical purchases such as these goods using the virtual MasterCard®.
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